Making it easy to find products to meet specific dietary and personal needs.

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Welcome to What Can I Eat

Australia’s #1 unique directory website, partnering people to products, goods and services, for those searching for products to support specific dietary and personal care needs.

This site is a referral site, leveraging off the power of “Word of mouth marketing” (you don’t tell the audience how great you are, we do).

We know word-of-mouth referrals are the BEST source of lead generation for any business. In fact, people trust consumer recommendations above ALL types of advertising and marketing. 

Our hard won list of subscribers has taken us years to develop and if there be a common denominator word that explains why we are growing so positively it would have to be TRUST. Trust that we work hard at sourcing and recommending food, personal care choices and associated services within Australia,  for their often life threatening needs.

In many cases as mainstream supermarkets will not stock non-traditional brands the marketing channels for manufacturers or importers limits the capacity and margins to bring these products to their full market potential. 

Many companies are enjoying the advantages of as a marketing channel with over 2500 products currently catalogued.

We have forged an alliance with our subscribers who keep us appraised of products they would like to see on the website or in their pantries. It is this symbiotic relationship with our subscribers, that created the need for the development of and what brought us to you. 

Consumers are enjoying the convenience of being able to tap into our network and easily find the products they need to solve their dietary and personal care solutions.

If you have a product range that you would like us to share with our audience, searching for product solutions please have a look at our Media Kit below to find out how you can be involved in our one of a kind directory.

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