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3 steps to restore your health



The inflammation in our body can be significantly reduced, by eliminating those foods revealed by the Hair Test 500 Test and building a diet around the food that are suitable for you.  It is now time to heal, you have been feeling ill for long enough.  We will introduce you to our unique easy to follow Gut Healing Protocol along with key product recommendations to assist with healing.




After 4 weeks you can begin to challenge your body and see if your sensitivities have reduced. Some will have corrected but others may take the full 6 months or longer. After 3 months we will stimulate the healing process and start a gentle cleanse which involves increasing your nutrition and cleansing the elimination pathways.  This will clean out the pipes and get your liver and kidney working effectively for you once again.
                                        Be assured you will heal and fall in love with your food again. 




We are exposed to thousands of chemicals on a daily basis, many of which have not been tested to reveal the long-term impact on our bodies and most we are completely unaware of. Research has shown that an average child is born with around 300 chemicals in their blood stream. The chemicals that we put on our skin enter our blood stream in 26 seconds, bypassing the digestive system and can cause a variety of symptoms e.g. eczema, dermatitis, hormone imbalances, infertility related issues, imbalance of good bacteria and the list goes on. We will assist you with product recommendations that will help you reduce the toxic load in your home. Click here for more information about our Healthy Homes program.


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