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Jill Saunders grew up in England in a family where natural herbal remedies were part of everyday life, with home remedies for the family made by her grandmother from her herb garden.

As an adult eczema sufferer with extremely dry, sensitive skin, Jill tried every commercial skincare product to alleviate the problem, with no success- all the commercial products just made it worse.

After experiencing the damage to her skin (the more she used the worse it got- drier and drier) caused by, and and learning about ,the harmful effects of petrochemical mineral oils and their synthetic derivatives present in most skincare products, 18 years ago, Jill returned to her grandmother’s old remedies, truly natural raw ingredients, and 2000 year old formulae to make her own skin-friendly range of products.

Beauty and the bees was born!

Jill emigrated to Tasmania, Australia in 1992 to seek out the island’s abundant and natural ingredients, like the aromatic Leatherwood honey, which is unique to Tasmania.

Tasmania’s cool climate also meant that potent, certified organic herbs would play a key role in the Beauty and the bees’ range.

In 1993 Jill began supplying Beauty and the bees products by direct mail, opening the first retail Beauty and the bees fresh skincare deli in the historic waterfront village, Bellerive, in early 1997.

In 1999, using the World Wide Web, Beauty and the bees became available worldwide.

Discover the Beauty & the Bees difference for yourself …products that have no artificial chemicals and no preservatives in them, are completely pure,and found no where else.

If you keep natural, healthy perishable food in your refrigerator then that’s where you’ll keep Beauty & the Bees fabulous super rich, FRESH moisture creams and other products. After all, that’s what these products are made from, familiar foods such as honey; dairy cream; organic herbs; cold-pressed vegetable and nut oils; nut meals; and fresh fruit – ingredients that don’t clog the pores, leaving your skin free to breathe.

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