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Allergy Punk

Allergy Punk
PO Box 1319
Collingwood VIC 3066

Your online store for cool and quality products for kids,teens and adults with allergies, asthma and coeliac. Stay safe with Allergy Punk’s great selection of pouches, apparel, books and more...

Why allergy PUNK? Loud and proud, they think punk is the right cool, tough image for kids and teens with allergies, coeliac disease and asthma and the like. It’s not easy dealing with fears. Kids with allergies, or other similar medical conditions have the right not to be bullied, harassed or made to feel “different” or left out… and the right to be safe!

 At Allergy Punk, they think kids with allergies, anaphylaxis, coeliac disease and asthma are tough, and resilient, and we need to be tough for them too. It’s cool to be aware, and it’s cool to be safe. Allergy Punk hopes to help promote inclusiveness and awareness for food allergies and conditions like coeliac disease, and asthma.

Australia has one of the highest rates of anaphylaxis in the world, and asthma and coeliac diagnosis rates are also on the rise. Around one in ten children in Australia have food allergies! 

They know firsthand, as their families and friends face the many challenges that are involved with food allergies. They aim to help parents and kids with FUNctional products to help with everyday living.  

Let’s build an allergy aware allergy safe commUNITY

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