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What can I eat if I have Coeliac Disease?

What can I eat if I have Coeliac Disease?
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About Coeliac Disease 
Coeliac disease is basically an autoimmune disorder of the body, in which the immune system produces antibodies which attack the delicate lining of the bowel. Since this lining is responsible for absorbing nutrients and vitamins from the food we eat, this kind of a disorder can actually be quite harmful in the long run. The results of this poor absorption of nutrients will range from fatigue and lack of energy to poor growth and even anaemia. 

Diet and Coeliac Disease 
Coeliac disease, also known as gluten enteropathy or coeliac sprue, is a serious disease. This reaction of the immune system cross-reacts with the small-bowel tissue, causing inflammation, which is triggered by the ingesting of foods that contain the protein gluten, which is found in food groups such as wheat, rye and barley. Since, it is the intake of gluten that triggers the entire process of this lifelong autoimmune disorder, it is important for you to follow some essential dietary guidelines when suffering from coeliac disease. 

Foods You Can Have 
When you are suffering from coeliac disease, your dietary habits are the most important factor to consider. Make sure you have foods that are either originally gluten-free or have been manufactured to make them gluten-free and they are therefore labelled gluten free, such as gluten-free flour, gluten-free pasta and gluten-free bread. 

In the following sections, we give you detailed lists of what you can have and also what to avoid when you have coeliac disease. 

Choose from unprocessed forms of: 
 Eggs 
 Meat 
 Rice 
 Corn 
 Butter 
 Fish 
 Vegetables 
 Fruits 
 Frozen, dried or fresh vegetables and fruits especially produced without gluten 
 Dried beans (kidney, soya, cannelloni, borlotti, lentils, chickpeas) 
 Nuts and seeds 
 Tofu 
 Dairy products eg cheese, milk, yoghurt 

Foods To Avoid 
As a golden rule, you need to avoid all forms of food prepared from: 
 Wheat 
 Rye 
 Barley 
 Oats (Oats that are not contaminated are referred to as gluten free in some parts of the world but cannot be labelled gluten free in Australia because of labelling restrictions) 

Common food groups which are prepared from these sources include: 






Fruit pies 


Flour-based sauces 


Croquette potatoes 

Battered fish/chicken 



Hydrolysed vegetables 

Our tip: Make sure you develop the habit of reading food labels and look out for the relevant ingredients. 
Also keep yourself updated on the changes done to the way these products are manufactured to make them 

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