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How in the world do I get my kids to go sugar free?

How in the world do I get my kids to go sugar free?
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One of the questions I get asked most is, ‘How in the world do I get my kids to go sugar free?’

It’s a good, fair question because kids are almost force-fed the stuff from every angle and denying them access can seem cruel. Over the past two years of voicing my sugar-free message I’ve collated some tips and some great lunchbox ideas from experts, friends and commenters on my blog.

My top two tips are:

1. Lead by example 
Don’t keep sugar in the house. At all. Avoid talking about it, too. The more that the sugar-free experience is normalised, the more kids will slip into line.

2. Get the kids involved 
Take them shopping and have them to help you find the ‘good’ sugar-free yoghurt, the cereal with no sugar and have them find the best stuff to eat on the tuckshop menu and when out at restaurants. The more they own the process, the less friction.


Article submitted by Sarah Wilson for I Quit Sugar

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