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Be careful with what you want from cosmetics?

Be careful with what you want from cosmetics?

Beauty? Glamour? Healthy glowing skin? Youthfulness? Confidence that you look your best?

But what price are you prepared to pay? Are you aware of the hidden ‘bonuses’?


Allergy, watery eyes, reddened skin, irritation, inflammation, sensitization to various products, contact dermatitis, swelling, itching, asthma, eczema, & psoriasis, acne, premature aging, mood change, sagging skin, depression, wrinkles, lethargy, hair loss, restlessness, dandruff and scalp problem, irritability, anger, memory lapses, inability to concentrate, rashes, eye damage, muscle and joint aches, headaches, digestive upsets, contributing cancer, changes to skin pigmentation.


Why would this be happening?

Our world has become overloaded with chemicals and make up bag is a favorite place for them to accumulate. The production of synthetic chemicals has every 7 to 8 years since 1930 and this is having a huge impact on our health. Studies show as many as12-15% of the population are chemically sensitive. That’s only the people who have identified to the cause of the problem.

The chemical industry is huge and cosmetics, shampoos, perfumes etc are a major contributor to chemical overload at homes.

Of paramount concern is the fact that not many people are aware of this and continue to douse themselves with the same ingredients as used in industrial cleaners, anti freeze and rat poison.

The belief is that there couldn’t be harmful ingredients in products we rub on our skin everyday.

The fact is that very few of the chemical used in cosmetics is tested and there is well-documented evidence that many of the ingredients used is toxic.

The American Institute of occupational Safety and health in 1989 analyzed 2983 of the chemicals used in personal care products. They found that

778 caused acute toxicity

146 caused tumors

218 can cause reproduction problems

314 were mutagenic and 376 can cause skin and eye irritation


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