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Use your freezer for a stress-free Christmas!

Use your freezer for a stress-free Christmas!

Coming up to Christmas, your freezer can be your best friend. Start NOW.

Clean out your freezer so there’s plenty of room and let’s get cooking. You can make sure you enjoy a stress-free Christmas season by preparing and freezing ahead of time, leaving you free to enjoy the festivities.

Here’s a few Christmas freezer tips for you:

  • Traditional Christmas cakes/puddings/mince pies freeze very well and for a long time, so get those in now.
  • Very popular for the hot Aussie Christmas, ice-cream pudding’s & roulades are obvious winners for the freezer!
  • Make all your cookie dough now and roll it in glad wrap and freeze. Thaw the day before you’re ready to make cookies and then it’s just roll and bake.
  • As well as stocking up for yourself, use your freezer for presents. Home-made truffles, fudge’s & chocolates are beautiful gifts. You can make and package now and just pull out when you need (and how great to have a few “just-in-case” presents in your freezer)
  • Finger foods like quiche, frittata, pies, sausage rolls and fish cakes are fantastic to have on hand for quick dinners and impromptu visitors too. These all have long freezer lives.
  • Raw desserts are not only healthy, but quick to make and very freezer friendly. Make up a few bases now and get them in the freezer, ready to pull out and top with a nice healthy filling in a few minutes flat
  • Don’t forget your stuffing and even gravy can be made ahead of time and frozen as well! Even if you don’t do the stuffing right now, start using your stale bread to make breadcrumbs and freeze those to save yourself time and money for when you need them at Christmas time.

As you fill up your freezer, package and label, everything carefully and remember to make sure you allow sufficient time for things to defrost so that you can truly have your freezer working for you this festive season.

Happy Christmas!

Submitted By Kris Barrett – Nourish Me




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