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Liquid Nutrition: Consider Colloidal minerals for optimal health!

Liquid Nutrition: Consider Colloidal minerals for optimal health!

Living with dietary restrictions requires avoidance of certain foods to stay safe and healthy. While avoiding foods such as nuts, dairy, eggs, wheat, fish and shellfish can be life saving, it can also have detrimental effects on our body over time because the daily nutritional requirements are not met.  Good nutrition is the foundation of good health, assisting our bodies to fight disease and sickness. Stress, fatigue, a hectic lifestyle and dietary restrictions play havoc on the health of many of us. Many people take a multi vitamin to combat these effects, however, few people realise the importance of their daily mineral requirements.

Why you need minerals

While our bodies can manufacture a few essential vitamins, it cannot produce minerals or trace elements, needed to ensure ongoing good health. Long term effects of insufficient minerals may affect your general health leading to conditions associated with inadequate nutrition, premature aging and sickness.

People on a restricted diet, including from food allergies/intolerances, are at risk of mineral deficiencies. For example, If you are tired and lethargic, perhaps you are deficient in zinc, magnesium and manganese.

Zinc is a common mineral that people are unknowingly deficient in.  Symptoms can include: an increased salty/sweet food craving, diarrhoea, low energy, chronic fatigue, poor immunity, bad memory, low libido, infertility, ADD systems, slow wound healing, and nerve dysfunction.

It is important to understand the value of minerals and trace elements and the vital role they play in keeping our bodies healthy.

Why we are mineral deficient

Unsafe farming practices have led to mineral depleted soils used to grow our vegetables. Not only this but the soils are often loaded with toxic chemicals from herbicides and fertilisers.  Unless you are eating a totally organic diet, you are ingesting the toxic chemicals infiltrated into our ecosystem.

Meaning that even if we do eat a diet rich in vegetables, your body may not be getting the required minerals needed to eliminate toxic chemicals from your body. Further weakening your immune system and overall health making us vulnerable to many illnesses.

Why colloidal minerals?

Holistic supplementation enables your body the potential for optimum health for now and well into the future. Colloidal minerals are an effective way to get these essential minerals and trace elements into your body.

The particles are so small they are suspended in water. This makes them easier for our body to absorb them into our blood stream where they can be utilised more efficiently. Colloidal minerals interact with the chemical structure of your body enhancing the supply of minerals for important body functions.

7 reasons to take colloidal minerals

  1. Improve your general overall health
  2. Help fight colds, flu’s and other illnesses
  3. Enhance your immune system
  4. Improve your  alertness and energy levels
  5. Easily absorbed into the body
  6. Improve skin health
  7. Great way to get minerals into kids

Choosing a good colloidal mineral

There are a range of colloidal minerals on the market, some better than others. Ensure you do your research. I can recommend Feroxin because it is made by a reputable company and sourced organically.

Regardless of being on a restricted diet, colloidal minerals can assist your body to not only fight off illness and disease but also maintain good health for many years to come.


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