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Keep It Moving To Keep Off The Kilos

Keep It Moving To Keep Off The Kilos

Christmas can be a dreaded time of year if you’re trying to lose weight or maintain a healthy body shape.  I’m often asked for advice on how to get through Christmas without piling on the kilos. My favourite tip? You can’t always control everything you’re going to eat during this period, but you can control how much you burn off. Here’s some tips for fitting in regular exercise during the festive season.

Get it out of the way early.

Exercising at the start of the day works for 2 reasons. Firstly, you can get it done and dusted before your day gets hijacked with extra shopping trips, traffic delays, and those Christmas gatherings where you swore you weren’t going to drink (honest!). Secondly, it’s summer, and it’s often more comfortable to exercise before the day gets too hot, especially if you’re doing it outside.

Keep it short and sweet

Find effective workouts you can do in a short amount of time.

Tabata training is so hot right now! This is a type of high intensity interval training that gets serious results from super short workouts. Look for personal trainers in your area which include Tabata as part of their programs.

Most gyms do quick spin classes, serious calorie burners which usually go for 30-45 minutes. Also based on interval training principles, short spin classes will leave you feeling like you’ve burned off more than your Christmas cake.

Work out from home

Most people spend at least 15 minutes getting to and from their gym (and often more if you have to deal with Christmas traffic or car parking in a busy area!). In order to sneak in a daily workout, make a list of things you can do from home, so that you can cut out travel time:

Running – you can do this right from your front door! Need help getting started? Get yourself a “Couch to 5km” app for your smartphone – aimed to have you running longer distances in no time at all.

Yoga – there are some fantastic websites where you can download or stream online yoga tutorials, which you can do anytime from the comfort of your own living room. Yogaglo is a fantastic one, or search on YouTube for yoga classes.

So there’s no need to pile on extra kilos over Christmas. Keep your body moving and there will be no need for those dreaded new years resolutions!

Submitted by Jules Galloway



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