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Healthy Partying

Healthy Partying

So you're on a special diet and you want to have a party - for many people this sends shivers down your spine. Managing dietary restrictions is hard enough day to day let alone at a party. But with a bit of planning it can be done and it can be fun!

Sometimes it's easier to become Party Central at your own house. Offer to host Christmas and special family dinners so you have complete control over the menu and ingredients.

There's no reason your child can't have an amazing birthday party with their friends, don’t let food hold you back.

This is YOUR child's party so make sure ALL food you serve is OK for your child. You want them to be able to eat absolutely anything they like at their own party. And don't worry about the other kids. I bet you will find they gobble up all the food you serve without comment! We've had many parties over the years with foods that were free of a million things and the other kids loved it all, not one comment about it not being 'normal' food.

Be creative with presentation so it looks fun and appetizing – fruit can look fabulous as kebabs for example. Take the focus off foods with fun games and crafts and ditch the old lolly bag in favour of some toys and accessories from the $2 shop.

Check out the What Can I Eat Cake Pantry for Premix Blends that can support your dietary needs and create a decadent and delicious birthday cake that will have everyone talking and wanting the recipe! (Don’t tell them how easy it is!!)

If you are going out to a party at another house, have a special lunchbox (that your child has chosen) which is the party box. It only comes out on special occasions and you take it with you to the party with some safe, fun party foods. If you can find out ahead of time what is being served you can make things that are similar so they don’t feel like they are missing out on anything.

Happy partying!


Article Submitted by Kris Barrett from Nourish Me


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