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Five Ways to Introduce Citrus in your diet

Five Ways to Introduce Citrus in your diet

Citrus fruits have an array of health benefits from boosting your immunity, improving bowel health, anti-aging, reducing cholesterol and promoting good bowel movement.  Citrus are seasonal during the winter months for a very good reason.

Here are 5 ways to get more citrus into your everyday diet.

  1. Squeeze some lemon into your glass of water – this will aid digestion by stimulating your gastric acid production and remove toxins from your bowel.
  2. Choose a mandarin with 40g of almonds as your morning tea snack – it will give you the energy your body needs to power through the morning and stimulate your blood sugar level
  3. Add some orange to your smoothie – whether it’s a berry smoothie or a green smoothie, adding a whole orange cut up will add more fibre and Vitamin C to your drink
  4. Add citrus fruit to your green tea (lemon or lime)– this will actually increase the health benefits of green tea by increasing the antioxidant survival rate in the gut 13 fold
  5. Add citrus fruits to your fruit salad – make up a fruit salad including grapefruit and orange, add the juice of a whole lemon to preserve the fruit salad.

Submitted by Sinead Smyth Clinical Nutritionist at Naed Nutrition



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