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Cut the Kilos by Making Small Changes

Cut the Kilos by Making Small Changes

Losing weight doesn’t mean that you have to make sweeping changes that feel impossible to follow.The best way to change your diet in order to lose weight is to make gradual changes that you feel comfortable with. This provides a more natural method for losing weight that is easier to stick with long term. Eventually, as you make small, healthy changes to your diet, maintaining your weight will become second nature to you. The following are a few suggestions for getting started.

Many people count kilojoules but forget to include the beverages they consume each day. The unfortunate truth is that kilojoules can quickly add up when beverages are included in the count. Soda, lattes and cappuccinos, sweetened teas, and juice are common culprits for weight gain. It’s important to stay hydrated. However, your waistline will benefit by making water your primary beverage throughout the day. Stay away from soda and other sugary drinks. Opt for unsweetened tea and coffee. Try not to consume too much juice and make sure that it hasn’t been artificially sweetened.

Whenever you are looking for a way to improve the flavor of food, reach for low-calorie condiments instead of sugary or fattening dressings. On that note, a great way to reduce kilojoules is to check the ingredients on food items. For instance, many ketchup brands contain a great deal of sugar, and creamy salad dressings are packed with fat. Make a habit of checking ingredients and you will learn to avoid foods that will cause weight gain.

Another small change that you can make in your daily life that will promote weight loss is to find simple ways of increasing your level of physical activity. For example, take the stairs instead of the escalator when shopping. By making small changes in both your diet and in getting from point A to point B, you will be well on your way to maintaining a healthy weight.


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