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Hidden Egg Dangers in Everyday Foods

Hidden Egg Dangers in Everyday  Foods
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Grains, bread, cereals and pasta: Egg pasta, macaroni, noodles 
Meat, fish, poultry and alternatives: All food made with or containing eggs such as battered or crumbed foods (such as fritters, schnitzel), frittatas, hamburgers, omelettes, quiche, rissoles or meat loaf, sausages, surimi (minced fish) and other bird eggs, such as duck or goose eggs 
Snack foods: pretzels 
Sauces, condiments, dressings and soups: béarnaise, Caesar salad and Ranch dressing, commercial soups, hollandaise, mayonnaise, tartare sauce 
Desserts and confectionery: Custard, frozen desserts, ice-cream, marzipan, marshmallows, meringues, mousse, nougat, pancakes, pavlova mix, pikelets, sorbet, waffles 
Baked goods: Biscuits, cakes, cheese cake, doughnuts, glazed pastries and breads, macaroons, slices, souffles, spinach pie 
Beverages and alcohol: Eggnog, malted drinks, milk drink mixes, wine 
Takeaway meals: Caesar salad, fried chicken, fried rice 
Other: Baking powder, egg lecithin. 
Read Food labels for the following egg-based 
 Albumin 
 Dried egg 
 Egg protein 
 Egg white 
 Egg white solids 
 Egg yolk 
 Egg solids 
 Globulin 
 Livetin 
 Lysozyme 
 Mayonnaise 
 Meringue 
 ovalbumin 
 Ovoglobulim 
 Ovomucin 
 Ovomucold 
 Ovotransferrin 
 Ovovitella 
 Ovovitellin 
 Powdered egg 
 Silici Albuminate 
 Simplesse 
 Vitellin 
 Whole egg 

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