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Managing Lactose Intolerance

Managing Lactose Intolerance
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Most people with lactose intolerance can handle small amounts of lactose, such as a glass of milk. However, 
the following tips may help: 

  • Try cheese and yoghurt; they are generally better tolerated than milk. 
  • Drink full fat milk because the fats slow the journey of the milk through the intestines and allow the 
  • lactase enzymes more time to break down the sugars. 
  • Avoid low fat or non-fat milks - they travel quickly through the gut and tend to cause symptoms in 
  • lactose intolerant people. Also, many low fat milk products may contain skim milk powder, which provides a higher dose of lactose. 
  • Don`t give up milk products entirely. They are very nutritious. 
  • Drink milk in moderate quantities. Most people with this condition can tolerate 240ml of milk per day, but you need to be work out your own tolerance level. You can buy milk that has had the lactose broken down, which makes it lactose free. 
  • Have moderate amounts of dairy foods. Most people can tolerate the amount of lactose found in: 
    • Half a cup of full cream milk 
    • Three-quarters of a cup of ice-cream 
    • Three-quarters of a cup of yoghurt 
    • Half a cup of white sauce 
    • Three-quarters of a cup of unripened cheeses like cottage or ricotta. 
  • Eat fermented milk products like some yoghurts, mature or ripened cheeses (like cheddar, fetta and mozzarella), and butter - they usually don`t cause problems. 
  • Eat foods that contain lactose in combination with other foods or spread them out over the day, rather than eating a large amount at once. 
  • Use heated milk products like evaporated milk; they seem to be better tolerated because the heating process breaks down some of the lactose to glucose and galactose. 
  • Have soy foods; they are lactose free, a good source of calcium and a good substitute for milk or milk products. 

Hidden lactose 
Foods that may contain hidden lactose include: 

  • Biscuits and cakes (if milk or milk solids are added) 
  • Processed breakfast cereals 
  • Cheese sauce 
  • Cream soups 
  • Custard 
  • Milk chocolate 
  • Pancakes and pikelets 
  • Scrambled eggs 
  • Quiche 
  • Muesli bars 
  • Some breads and margarine (containing milk). 

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