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Living Dairy Free

Living Dairy Free
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Five years ago I made a decision that changed my son’s life.  Tim has autism, and like a lot of autistic kids, a history of ear infections, antibiotics, eczema and asthma. He was either constipated or had diarrhoea. He had a very limited diet, was a terrible sleeper. Had red ears, red cheeks and dark circles under his eyes. He had atrocious tantrums and 
screamed all the time. 

One night on the Internet I stumbled across some information which suggests autism may be an immune disorder that affects the way certain proteins are broken down in the body.  Wheat and Casein (a protein in milk) can act as opioids to the body. The body craves the food that is making it sick in the same way drug addicts crave the drugs that are harming them. This was a revelation to me I had not understood any connection between the gut and the brain! We had Tim tested for food allergies, and dairy showed up as a huge problem for him, as did soy (which I have since learned can act just like dairy in the body). 

Implementing his new diet was a monumental challenge (especially to my lack of culinary skills!), but the change in my boy was nothing short of miraculous.  He calmed down; he began sleeping through the night. He hasn’t had an ear infection since that day; his eczema disappeared, as did his asthma. He started talking to us, looking at us, laughing, and playing with his sister. His body wasn’t sick any more - in fact he has only had one visit to the doctor in the five years since we changed his diet. 

Having a child with food intolerances means you spend a lot of time and money tracking down alternative food and a lot more time in the kitchen. It isn’t easy, but the alternative is much worse. 

We’re over 5 years Dairy Free and it’s just normal for us now. Tim still has muffins, birthday cakes, ice cream, smoothies, even Easter Eggs. I just make them myself and he doesn’t miss out on anything. 

For our family, going Dairy Free was a whole new beginning and the health and happiness my son received as a result of that is priceless. 
Article submitted by Kris Barrett of Allergy Friendly Foods

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Article submitted by Allergy Friendly Foods

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