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Lactose Intolerance…it could be affecting your health

Lactose Intolerance…it could be affecting your health
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Lactose Intolerance affects billions of people globally, many of whom don’t even realise they are suffering from it.

Lactose Intolerance is characterised by the inability to digest food products that contain lactose; generally milk, cheese, ice-cream and butter.

People who suffer from lactose intolerance have varying degrees of symptoms; some very mild such as abdominal bloating and cramping to more severe symptoms such as stomach pain and diarrhoea. The cause of Lactose Intolerance is due to the small intestine not producing enough of the lactase enzyme needed to digest milk and milk-containing products

By simply making a few changes to your diet symptoms will quickly diminish or disappear completely. If you are suffering from symptoms such as those described above, try avoiding the main 4 culprits (milk, cheese, ice-cream and butter) as these products contain lactose in large amounts and cause the greatest discomfort amongst sufferers.

Unfortunately for some, simply avoiding these products isn’t always enough, as these products are also found in a wide variety of other foods, including pasta, baked breads, pancakes and many other common food items.

The great news is, however, with a few simple tweaks, a smooth adjustment is possible. Many lactose intolerant people are able to replace dairy milk with other forms of milk, including rice, soy or almond. These milks now come in many flavours, such as vanilla or chocolate, and low-fat varieties are also available.

You could also try the following adjustments:

Cheese – Use Soy or Rice Cheese or Goat Cheese

Ice Cream – Try Sorbets, Rice Ice Cream, Fruit Popcicles or Lactase-Enzyme containing Ice Cream

Butter – Try a margarine product with no whey ingredients

Giving up dairy or greatly reducing it from your diet may also help with maintaining or losing weight and improving your health. As with any allergies and food intolerances, if your body is reacting to dairy you may not be absorbing all the nutrients needed from the food you are digesting which ultimately leads to a sluggish and inefficient digestive system.


Article submitted by Sonya Falvo:  Real Body Enterprises guest writer for What Can I Eat


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