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Think twice before you powder your nose ladies

Think twice before you powder your nose ladies
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The Cosmetic Cover-up

Powdering your nose, for us ladies, has been something that the average woman has unconsciously added to her daily routine.  Little girls watch in anticipation as mum cleans, moisturisers, exfoliates and powders her face on a daily basis, waiting for her turn to look like mum and partake in this daily transformational routine.  Mum turns and places some lippy on her daughters lips, allocates an eye shadow she can play with and every now and then powders up her little ones face to squeals of delight.

Inadvertently and blissfully mum is totally unaware of the hidden dangers within these beautifully packaged, deliciously smelling and all to enticing products.

What do you want from your cosmetics?

Well you might be thinking of course I want the elevated beauty component, a touch and feel of glamour, that healthy glow products promise us and of course the additional confidence and support to look your very best.  Not to mention the smells that lures us to lather up or spray ourselves with everyday.


What price are you prepared to pay?


The reality is that the ingredients used in many of these products have been tested on animals and contain ingredients that have already been scientifically tested to be dangerous to humans.


What aren’t they telling you?

Some side effects of these chemicals are associated with watery eyes, red skin, irritations, inflammation, dermatitis, swelling, itching, asthma, exzema & psoriasis, acne, premature aging, mood changes, wrinkles, hair loss, dandruff and scalp problems, restlessness, depression, recurring illness and the list goes on.


Production of the synthetic chemical has been doubling every 7-8 years since the 1930’s and this is having a huge impact on our health.

It was identified in a study by the American Institute of Occupational Safety and Health in 1989 that there were about 3000 various dangerous chemicals in our cosmetics and personal care products such as toothpaste, bubble bath and shampoos.  They found that 778 caused acute toxicity, 146 caused tumours, 218 can cause reproduction problems, 314 were mutagenic (damaging our genes) and 376 caused skin and eye irritation.

Chemicals increase the performance of products and are also often used as fillers to keep the price of the products down.

Our world has become overloaded with chemicals and the make-up bag is a favourite place for them to accumulate. Unfortunately there is no regulation around these products and of paramount concern is the fact that not many people are aware of this and continue to douse themselves with the same ingredients as used in industrial cleaner, anti-freeze and rat poison.

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