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Why so many are becoming Allergic in the 21st Century

Why so many are becoming Allergic in the 21st Century

There has been a steady epidemic silently growing over the past 20 years since my family were initially diagnosed with food allergies and food intolerances. Among the industrialised nations, health statisticians are predicting that those who are children now, will be the first generation that has poorer health, more obesity and a shorter lifespan than their parents. With the many benefits of affluence and education in such countries, how has this tragic state developed?  Sadly, even when people make an effort regarding good health habits, like growing your own vegetables, buying organic, choosing in season produce, it seems this is not enough to combat the assault on our systems of carcinogens, pesticides, drugs, artificial colours and preservatives, chemical in our personal care and general pollution. 

In fact it is estimated that we are exposed to a staggering 80 000 man made chemicals which many have had no long term testing for side effects on the general population. The words Natural, Organic, Healthy, Nutritious, Wholesome are all words we want to trust as being good for us, but unfortunately are words that can now be deceiving.

The President’s Cancer Panel Annual Report 2008 – 2009, revealed tests on umbilical blood, which found traces of a staggering nearly 300 pollutants.  These pollutants cause havoc in our systems, they cause biological mutations, and reproductive complications, acute toxicity, and tumours, skin and eye irritations, endocrine disruptions. Our body even ends up storing these pollutants if our systems are unable to eliminate them through the normal detox pathways.

The over prescription of antibiotics has seen a significant flourishing of bad bacteria colonies in our systems.  Research conducted by Microbiologist John Ellerman’s at the CSIRO, initiated by his response to his Bacteroides culture being wiped outed in his bowel due to the intake of large does of antibiotics. He discovered that certain bacteria can dominate the digestive tract, causing a whole range of unpleasant symptoms in an individual.  He discovered a unique probiotic formula partnered with an equally unique prebiotic blend effectively controlled many conditions eg. Bloating, IBS, Leaky gut, ulcerative colitis to name a few.

It is therefore no surprise that generations are weakening, that allergies and other compromised immune system conditions are spiking in prevalence. So what can one person do amid this omnipresent onslaught? The answer is threefold: improve immunity, improve gut health, and decrease intake of your most stressful adverse triggers or allergens. This can be different for everyone, so testing can be an effective solution.

Specialist immunologists in the United Kingdom have reported a significant rise in the number of patients suffering from several allergies at once, with the severity of the reaction also increasing. A consultant immunologist in Birmingham says "We used to say that 15% of the population had an allergy of some sort, now the figure is nearer 40%”.

Sources: Maria Middlestead, Clinical Nutritionist, John Ellerman, Microbiologist.

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