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How to reduce skin allergies in children

How to reduce skin allergies in children

How best to treat skin allergies and how to deal with skin problems.

If your child struggles with sensitive skin, there are a number of things you can do to reduce the flare ups.

Flaxseed oil and or fish oil should be given daily as these are a natural anti-inflammatory and also have many other benefits.

You should always try to wash your child with mild  soap and if possible, the water should be filtered. After bathing, you could try to put  either virgin cold pressed olive oil or jojoba oil on their skin as both of these are incredibly  soothing.

If your child suffers from eczema, a cool compress  of pure water will do the trick and should offer immediate relief. As long as they don’t react too badly to cotton, you should put them in cotton clothing as this is the gentlest material for the skin and prevents sweating.

You should always wash new clothes before putting them on your kids as new fabric is often treated with chemicals that can potentially cause skin irritations. It is also advisable to wash with soap flakes if your child’s skin is very bad as this is much gentler than detergents.


This article was written by Bojan N.D. Env.Eng. BioFast Co-Founder


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