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Cost Convenience of Allergies

Cost Convenience of Allergies

Having Allergies is time consuming. – extra cooking, shopping, researching.

Here’s some tips that might help.

Cook once : eat twice. Cook double or triple when you do get into the kitchen and you then have enough for another day.

Cook in themes. Spend a few hours cooking similar things is much easier than trying to cook a whole lot of different things.  So one week a lunchbox treat theme and make enough to freeze and see you through the next 3-4 weeks, then a savoury theme and so on.

Arm yourself with snacks so you’re never caught out – stash them in handbags, the glovebox, kindy bags and at relative’s houses.

Buy your most common ingredients in bulk to save money. If you can find a co-op or buying club you can share with others.

Meal plan – time well spent so you’re not stressing about what you make or what’s in your cupboard. This becomes your shopping list as well.

Invest in a freezer and freeze the extras you are making as well as the bulk foods you are buying.

Find a trusted supplier of allergy friendly foods so you can shop and go with no worries about ingredients.


Article Submitted by Kris Barrett Nourish Me  – Nutrition & Health coaching for Autism Diets


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