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Allergy Hype

Allergy Hype

I was reading a blog recently from about a study done at Portsmouth University claiming that nine out of ten sufferers of food allergies or food intolerance in Britain actually do NOT have a real medical allergy. The researchers “blamed internet searches, self-testing kits and celebrity food fads for the epidemic of make-believe allergies and intolerances. As a result…millions are unnecessarily restricting their diets, starving themselves of their favorite foods, and of key nutrients,” according to an article in the UK’s Daily Mail.

The Centers for Disease Control estimate 12 million Americans have food allergies, with nuts, egg, milk, and gluten being the most common. We have certainly known many who have a real allergy to those ingredients, and it manifests itself in many ways including hives, swelling, and stomach aches. And, as the Food Allergy Initiative points out, in rare cases an allergen can prove to be fatal. A lot of parents are now giving their little ones soy milk instead of cow’s milk, assuming a lactose intolerance is at the source of a gassy tummy, but those kids are then missing out on crucial vitamin D.

I found this study to be extremely interesting however how does this explain that for many of us we definately do find that when we elliminate certain foods from our diet especially any one of the top 3, Wheat , gluten or dairy that symptoms that are causing us pain and stress often subside.

An allergy test is definately a must!  A bio-compatibility test is one test people can take that tests individual foods for intolerance instead of the whole food family.  Read more at


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