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10 tips to Camping with Kids with Food Allergies

10 tips to Camping with Kids with Food Allergies

As you already know if you are reading this, life is a little more complicated when you are travelling or camping with someone who has food allergies.  Of course to add to that, with all the activities you will be doing while camping you find the little darlings are twice as hungry as normal. The up side of camping, when you have someone with allergies, is you can generally control what is being eaten for the period as there is probably not a lot of opportunity to eat out. Here are some tips that might assist you in making this process a little more bearable.



  1. Preparation is the key – lots and lots of planning and make the same food for everyone, this reduces the likelihood of cross contamination
  2. Make sure you have all your safety equipment if your child is anaphylactic eg. Epipens (several is optional), first aid kit
  3. Do your research on the area and make sure that you know what the correct address is in case of an emergency and know where your nearest hospital is
  4. Make sure you get the kids involved to help with the menu planning for the period, this will mean that there is less likely to be complaints
  5. Prepare some easy meals and freeze before you go, using suitable ingredients – eg mince based meals that you can add different seasoning to throughout your stay.  Eg. rissoles, spaghetti bolognaise, Mexican, mince on bread
  6. Premade pizza bases – make some pizza bases and freeze them. Here is another great easy meal using leftovers.  Also sausages from your local butcher are fabulous – you can cook up a huge batch and they can snack on them throughout the day if need be or turn them into a curry
  7. Bake off: cook a few batches of biscuits or slices that won’t go stale too fast.  These can be made a few weeks prior to leaving and frozen
  8. Prepackaged foods.  There are quite a few premade pancake mixes, cereals, crisp breads, favourite bread, prepared meals, pastas, rice, prepackaged beverages etc that are gluten free, dairy free, nut free etc. It is only a few days, sometimes convenience is a priority, it’s your holiday to
    Search the pantries of for some suggestions.
  9. Keep the food as simple as you can – lots of fruit to snack on, vegies such as carrots make a quick snack
  10. Make sure you only choose foods that your child has previously eaten, we don’t want any nasty surprises


Have a wonderful week. 


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