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Perfect Match Bags

Grab yourself a Perfect Match Bag!

When you purchase a Perfect Match Bag you receive a variety of products from companies who are wanting to get their products into your hands to sample.

The total value of the current bag is approx. $50 RRP and it's all yours for $29.95 incl. postage $19.95 incl. postage. 

Order yours today, please note bags will be shipped on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday only.

Take a look at what is included in the bag this month:

35g Brothers Blend

A mix of macadamias, pistachios, almonds and pecans and oven baked with them a hint of pure maple syrup and a light dusting of sea salt.

Gluten Free, Peanut Free, Preservative Free


35g Cranberry Bar

Packed full of yummy fruit, including apples, currents and cranberries

Dairy Free, Egg, Free, Gluten Free and more...


300g Wild Mushroom with Tarragon Risotto

Nothing artificial, very easy to cook and tastes great. This one has the perfect balance of earthy flavours - their biggest selling risotto!

Gluten Free, Preservative Free, Vegan and more..

Black Soy Milk Tetra Pack 250ml

Savour every sip of your YEO'S Soy Milk in its original smooth and velverty form.

Dairy Free, Egg Free, Gluten Free and more...

2 x Guest Soap & 15% Discount Voucher

This unique blend of natural ingredients cleanses, moisturises and invigorates the skin, leaving behind the pleasant and soothing fragrance of the rainforest.

SLS Free, Propylene Glycol Free, Paraben Free and more...

30 Day Test Supply

This easy-to-use home pH test kit contains pH test paper and a chart for you to determine your pH level. Results are visible immediately!


40g pack of GF Oats

GF Oats are tested in Australia to show that they are totally uncontaminated from the gluten found in wheat, rye or barley.

Dairy Free, Nut Free, Wheat Free and more...

20g Bag of Popped Chips

New Popped Chips for the ultimate taste sensation!. Popped with heat and air then lightly salted. We promise you a delicious tasting, gluten free chip with More Flavour and Less Fat!

Gluten Free


250g Pack of Choc Chip Cookies

Irresistable oven baked cookies.  The kids will just LOVE them!

Dairy Free, Egg Free, Gluten Free and more...


Hair Test 500 System

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