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53 Shades of Chocolate E-Book

53 Fabulous Healthy Chocolate Recipes by Cyndi O'Meara & Kim Morrison. Loads of gluten free & dairy free recipes to choose from!

Yes, chocolate can be good for you! It can be part of a healthy diet and this recipe e-book shows you many ways on how to incorporate our cacao wafers which is 100% cacao conveniently made into small wafers so that you can use them easily for many chocolate recipes.

This book includes 53 beautiful, healthy recipes, from making your own chocolate, breakfast, cakes, slices, raw desserts, drinks/smoothies, biscuits and of course desserts. Many of these recipes are gluten free.

The recipes include both thermomix and traditional methods. Click on the recipe tab for some of the recipes you can find in the e-book.

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