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Is Food Your Friend or Foe?

The Hair Test 500 System is a Fast Track program to discovering your Food Intolerances.

The Answer is in your Hair!

Food intolerances come about when the gut cannot break down food properly.  This unbroken food then goes into the body and creates havoc.  Some of the symptoms experienced can include Headaches, Gut pain, Weight Gain, Constipation, Diarrhea, Nausea, Chest pain, Rashes or hives, Irritability, Anxiety, Nervousness, Fatigue, Gas, Eczema, Depression, Always sick or Catching every cold? 

There are a number of factors that contribute to the in balance between good and bad bacteria in your body, specifically your gut that can affect the unique digestive system.  These include pesticides, herbicides, additives, preservatives, and carcinogenic ingredients to name a few from our food chain.  Drugs namely antibiotics, birth control, long-term stress, smoking and alcohol. Additionally from our environment exhaust fumes, toxicity from various chemicals pumped into the air, chemicals in our homes that are in our cleaning products, personal care products and cosmetics.  These all effect the good bacteria levels in your system and consequently your health status.

Food intolerance does not involve an immune response, so can cause problems for us up to 48 hours after ingesting the culprit. This differs to an allergy response, which is more immediate. Symptoms may not be severe, but can certainly be just as debilitating and uncomfortable to live with. You can also have food allergies and food intolerances at the same time.

As put by the creator of the testing protocol: “Over the last twenty years there have been huge changes in food technology. The advent of genetic engineering, the addition of an ever increasing number of chemical additives, irradiation, processing, and soil depletion, have modified foods so much that they have lost a lot of their original therapeutic benefits. These changes combined with the mountain of nutritional information that is in circulation today, virtually makes it impossible to determine exactly which foods are best suited to the individual. Even though a food item has gone through these radical changes, the big question for each of us is “is this food/product/supplement ok for me to use as an individual”.

Our program is as unique as you are!

This is not a “one size fits all” solution. The results offer an in-depth picture of your individual results and requirements.  As such, it forms a solid foundation upon which we can develop a personalized patient care programme for you.  

As a result of its accuracy and effectiveness in this area, it’s become widely regarded as the essential analysis tool for proactive professionals – especially those who want to go beyond treating the symptoms to offering a holistic approach to wellness.

The Hair Test 500 program comprises of 3 steps :

  1. Identify the Food Intolerance spcific to you
  2. Support your gut accessing our unique gut support products
  3. Reduce your toxicity exposure in your home

Indentify & Repair

  • A revolutionary hair analysis test that offers an in-depth examination of your current health status
  • A restorative programme that is easily integrated into your existing lifestyle – so it’s easy to adopt and stick to.

A 13 page report identifying which foods, personal care & metals are no good for you + a bonus 30 practitioner support products 

  • Meal Diary
  • 6 Month Retest Voucher


 x 1/2 hour phone or Skype consultations - unlimited email support.

This service is optional, but if you need any clarification, product referrals, additional guidance and questions, we can do all this to make sure that you can gain the success you require.  Please be reassured that we want this to work for you and I am here to hold your hand, so you                                         are welcome to email throughout the 6 month program with any concerns along the way. 


Make your Gut Happy Program

Now we have reduced some inflammation in the body by eliminating the foods that are causing us the nasty symptoms it is the perfect time to start healing the gut.  I will share with you my program, support products and recommendations.


 Time to Love your Food Again

After 4 weeks you can begin to start challenging your body and test to see if your sensitivities have reduced.  Some will have corrected but others may take the full 6 months or longer.  After 3 months we will try and stimulate the healing process and start a very gentle detox program which involves increasing your nutrition and cleansing the elimination pathways.  Be assured that you will heal and you will be able to fall in love with your food again.


Toxic Chemicals Detox                                                                                            

Do you know we are exposed to hundreds of chemicals on a daily basis?  Most we are not even aware of. Research has shown that average child is born with around 300 chemicals in their blood stream. These chemicals enter our blood stream causing a variety of symptoms e.g. Eczema, dermatitis, hormone imbalances, infertility related issues, imbalance of good bacteria and the list goes on.  We will assist you with product recommendations that can help you to reduce the toxic load in your home. 

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